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Prince of Egypt
Burial mastaba G 7760, Giza
Wife Khufuankh
Issue son
Father Crown Prince Kawab
Mother Queen Hetepheres II
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion

Mindjedef was a Prince of Egypt, who lived during the 4th dynasty. His name means "Enduring Like Min". Min is an Egyptian fertility god.


Mindjedef was a son of Crown Prince Kawab and Queen Hetepheres II. He was the grandson of Pharaoh Khufu and Meritites I and great-grandson of Sneferu. Mindjedef was born during the reign of his grandfather and he may have lived to see his cousin Menkaura on the throne. Mindjedef was a brother of Queen Meresankh III and uncle of Princes Rawer and Minkhaf II.

It is known that Mindjedef had a wife called Khufuankh ("Khufu lives"). Khufuankh bore one son to her husband.[1]


Prince Mindjedef held the titles King’s son of his body, Hereditary prince, Treasurer of the King of Lower Egypt, etc.[2]


Mindjedef was buried at Giza in mastaba G 7760. Mindjedef and Khufuankh are depicted with a small son in the chapel, but his name is not preserved.[2][3]


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