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Mindomo Editor
Mindomo Editor
Developer(s)Expert Software Applications
Stable release
Operating systemAny
TypeMind mapping software

Mindomo is an online collaborative mind mapping, concept mapping and outlining software for visualizing and organizing information.[1]

As a freemium software, Mindomo offers its basic services for free, while charging for premium features. The free version has a three mind map limit, and disables premium features like audio/video upload, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel download, password protection.

Mindomo's registered users can create and collaborate real-time on mind maps, while unregistered users can view the maps shared with them. Additionally, the software provides its users with ways to create presentations and mind map assignments.[2]

The software can be used from any standard web browser, or by installing the free desktop, iPad and Android applications.[3]

Released in February 2007, Mindomo has been HTML5 based since March 2014.


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