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Type of business Private
Type of site
Social network service
Headquarters Wilton, Connecticut
Key people Bill Ottman, Founder & CEO
John Ottman, Co-Founder & Chairman
Mark Harding, Co-Founder & CTO
Industry Internet
Employees 11-50
Website www.minds.com
Alexa rank Increase 4.4k (Aug 2017)[1]
Registration Required to post, follow, or be followed; Anonymous registration allowed
Users 2+ million active (September 2017)[2][3]
Launched 2015

Minds is an open source social networking service, headquartered in New York City. Elements of the global hacktivist collective Anonymous showed initial support for Minds, based on its foundation of transparency and privacy.[4][5]


Minds was founded by Bill Ottman, John Ottman and Mark Harding in 2012,[6] and launched to the public in June 2015.[7]

The service is being developed by Minds Foundation, Inc.

On May 5, 2017 Minds was the fastest to raise over one million in Equity Crowdfunding[8][9]


Native device support[edit]

Minds is supported on both desktop and mobile devices. An official mobile Minds application is available for iOS and Android.[10]


Minds allows the sharing of photos and videos. Playback options for video include 360p and 720p using HTML5 video and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.


The Minds social network includes full end-to-end encryption and asymmetrically encrypted chat messaging with private passwords.

Rewards system[edit]

Minds rewards content and engagement (swipes, votes, referrals and comments) with points, which users can then spend towards "boosting" posts.[11]

Users may also purchase points with PayPal and the Bitcoin cryptocurrency,and credit cards which are added to Minds' digital wallet.

Voting and swiping[edit]

With Minds, users can vote on content and other users using swipe gestures, similar to the app Tinder.


Minds allows its users to discover people and brands with geofiltering for local and global networking.

Geofiltering is not available on the app platform.

Language Support[edit]

Minds allows the translation of posts into any language and user interface is available in English and Spanish.


Minds.org is a portal for community code development and documentation of the Minds distributed social networking[citation needed] stack which includes Apache Cassandra, Neo4j, Apache Cordova, AngularJS, PHP, Nginx and Elasticsearch.

Business model[edit]

Minds monetizes through its points-purchasing system and white-label services, which allow businesses to create their own social network based on the Minds platform.[12]

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