Mine Circuit

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Mine Circuit
Location Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Time zone JST
Length 3.331 km (2.07 mi)
Turns 16

Mine Circuit (みねサーキット) was a 3.331 km motor racing circuit in Nagao, Nishiatsu-cho, Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. It used to be known as Nishinihon. The track closed in February 2006.[1]

It was one of the main circuits in Japanese motorsport; until 2002, every year, one or more races of the most important national categories, (the Japan GT Championship and Formula Nippon series) were held at this circuit.

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Coordinates: 34°08′35″N 131°06′12″E / 34.14306°N 131.10333°E / 34.14306; 131.10333