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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Mine Run Campaign (November 27–December 2, 1863) of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization from October 31, 1863,[1] the casualty returns[2] and the reports.[3]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee[4]

Second Corps[edit]

MG Jubal A. Early[5]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Early's Division
     BG Harry T. Hays

Pegram's Brigade

   BG John Pegram

Gordon's Brigade

   BG John B. Gordon

Hays' Brigade

   Col William Monaghan[6]

  • 5th Louisiana
  • 6th Louisiana
  • 7th Louisiana
  • 8th Louisiana
  • 9th Louisiana
Hoke's Brigade

   Ltc Samuel M. Tate

  • 6th North Carolina
  • 21st North Carolina
  • 54th North Carolina
  • 57th North Carolina
  • 1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters

Johnson's Division
     MG Edward Johnson

Stonewall Brigade

   BG James A. Walker

Steuart's Brigade

   BG George H. Steuart[7] (w)

Jones' Brigade

   BG John M. Jones (w)
   Col William A. Witcher

Stafford's Brigade

   BG Leroy A. Stafford

  • 1st Louisiana: Cpt Edward D. Willett
  • 2nd Louisiana: Cpt Martin C. Redwine
  • 10th Louisiana: Ltc Henry D. Monier
  • 14th Louisiana: Ltc David Zable
  • 15th Louisiana: Col Edmund Pendleton

Rodes' Division
     MG Robert E. Rodes

Daniel's Brigade

   BG Junius Daniel

  • 32nd North Carolina: Col Edmund C. Brabble
  • 43rd North Carolina: Ltc William G. Lewis
  • 45th North Carolina: Maj T. McGehee Smith
  • 53rd North Carolina: Col William A. Owens
  • 2nd North Carolina Battalion: Cpt Edward Smith
Ramseur's Brigade

   BG Stephen D. Ramseur

Doles' Brigade

   BG George P. Doles

  • 4th Georgia: Ltc William H. Willis
  • 12th Georgia: Col Edward S. Willis
  • 21st Georgia: Col John T. Mercer
  • 44th Georgia: Col William H. Peebles
Battle's Brigade

   Col Edward A. O'Neal

  • 3rd Alabama: Col Charles Forsyth
  • 5th Alabama: Col Josephus M. Hall
  • 6th Alabama: Maj Isaac F. Culver
  • 12th Alabama: Maj Adolph Proskamer
  • 26th Alabama: Ltc John S. Garvin
Johnston's Brigade

   BG Robert D. Johnston

  • 5th North Carolina
  • 12th North Carolina
  • 20th North Carolina: Col Thomas F. Toon
  • 23rd North Carolina: Ltc William S. Davis

     BG Armistead L. Long

Andrews' Battalion

   Maj Carter M. Braxton

Carter's Battalion

   Ltc Thomas H. Carter

  • Jefferson Davis (Alabama) Artillery
  • King William (Virginia) Artillery
  • Morris (Virginia) Artillery
  • Orange (Virginia) Artillery
Jones' Battalion

   Ltc Hilary P. Jones

  • Louisiana Guard Artillery
  • Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery
  • Courtney (Virginia) Artillery
  • Staunton (Virginia) Artillery
Nelson's Battalion

   Ltc William Nelson

First Regiment Virginia Artillery

   Col J. Thompson Brown

  • 2nd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers
  • 3rd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers
  • Powhatan (Virginia) Artillery
  • Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery
  • Salem (Virginia) Flying Artillery

Third Corps[edit]

LTG Ambrose P. Hill

  • Provost Guard: 5th Alabama Battalion
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Anderson's Division
     MG Richard H. Anderson

Wilcox's (old) Brigade

   Col John C. C. Sanders

Posey's Brigade

   Col Nathaniel H. Harris

  • 12th Mississippi
  • 16th Mississippi
  • 19th Mississippi
  • 48th Mississippi
Mahone's Brigade

   BG William Mahone

Wright' s Brigade

   BG Ambrose R. Wright

  • 3rd Georgia
  • 22nd Georgia
  • 48th Georgia
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion
Perry's Brigade

   BG Edward A. Perry

Heth's Division
     MG Henry Heth

Davis' Brigade

   BG Joseph R. Davis

  • 2nd Mississippi
  • 11th Mississippi
  • 42nd Mississippi
  • 55th North Carolina
Archer's and Walker's Brigade[8]

   BG Henry H. Walker

Archer's Brigade

  • 13th Alabama
  • 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army)
  • 7th Tennessee
  • 14th Tennessee

Walker's Brigade

Kirkland's Brigade

   Col Thomas C. Singletary

Cooke's Brigade

   Col Edward D. Hall

Wilcox's Division
     MG Cadmus M. Wilcox

Lane's Brigade

   BG James H. Lane

  • 7th North Carolina
  • 18th North Carolina
  • 28th North Carolina
  • 33rd North Carolina
  • 37th North Carolina
McGowan' s Brigade

   BG Abner M. Perrin

Thomas' Brigade

   BG Edward L. Thomas

  • 14th Georgia
  • 35th Georgia
  • 45th Georgia
  • 49th Georgia
Scales' Brigade

   BG Alfred M. Scales

  • 13th North Carolina
  • 16th North Carolina
  • 22nd North Carolina
  • 34th North Carolina
  • 38th North Carolina

     Col R. Lindsay Walker

Cutts' Battalion

   Ltc Allen S. Cutts

  • Irwin (Georgia) Artillery
  • Patterson's (Georgia) Artillery
  • Ross' (Georgia) Artillery
McIntosh's Battalion

   Maj David G. McIntosh

  • Hardaway (Alabama) Battery
  • Danville (Virginia) Artillery
  • Johnson's (Virginia) Battery
  • 2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery
Poague's Battalion

   Ltc William T. Poague

  • Madison (Mississippi) Artillery
  • Graham's (North Carolina) Battery
  • Albemarle (Virginia) Artillery
  • Brooke's (Virginia) Battery
Garnett's Battalion

   Ltc John J. Garnett

  • Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery
  • Huger (Virginia) Artillery
  • Lewis (Virginia) Artillery
  • Norfolk (Virginia) Light Artillery
Pegram's Battalion

   Maj William R. J. Pegram

  • Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery
  • Crenshaw (Virginia) Battery
  • Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery
  • Letcher (Virginia) Artillery
  • Purcell (Virginia) Battery
Haskell's Battalion[9]

   Maj John C. Haskell

  • Branch (North Carolina) Artillery
  • Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Artillery

Cavalry Corps[edit]

MG J.E.B. Stuart

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Hampton's Division
     MG Wade Hampton

Gordon's Brigade

   BG James B. Gordon

  • 1st North Carolina
  • 2nd North Carolina
  • 4th North Carolina
  • 5th North Carolina
Young's Brigade

   BG Pierce M. B. Young

  • 1st South Carolina Cavalry
  • 2nd South Carolina Cavalry
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
  • Phillips (Georgia) Legion
  • Jeff Davis (Mississippi) Legion: Ltc Joseph F. Waring
Rosser's Brigade

   BG Thomas L. Rosser

Fitzhugh Lee's Division
     MG Fitzhugh Lee

William H. F. Lee's Brigade

   Col John R. Chambliss, Jr.

Lomax's Brigade

   BG Lunsford L. Lomax

Wickham's Brigade

   BG Williams C. Wickham

Horse Artillery

Beckham's Battalion

   Maj Robert F. Beckham

  • Breathed's (Virginia) Battery
  • Hart's (South Carolina) Battery
  • Chew's (Virginia) Battery
  • McGregor's (Virginia) Battery
  • Moorman's (Virginia) Battery

Reserve Artillery[edit]

BG William N. Pendleton[10]

Division Battalions Batteries

First Corps Artillery

Cabell's Battalion

   Col Henry C. Cabell

  • Callaway's (Georgia) Battery
  • Troup (Georgia) Artillery
  • Manly's (North Carolina) Battery
  • 1st Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers
  • Nelson (Virginia) Artillery


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