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IATA ICAO Callsign
IW MIN Minrve
Founded 1975
Ceased operations 1992
Headquarters Paris, France
Former head office

Minerve (IATA: IWICAO: MINCall sign: Minrve) was a French airline, headquartered in the 1st arrondissement of Paris,[1] that operated from 1975 until it merged with AOM to form AOM French Airlines in 1992.

Company history[edit]

Minerve began operations in 1975 using Sud Aviation Caravelle aircraft on charter flights from Paris-Le Bourget airport. Permission was granted for charter flights to the United States in 1983 and those were operated first with Douglas DC-8 and later on with Boeing 747-200.

For charter flights to the Mediterranean and North Africa the Caravelles were used until replaced in 1987 by McDonnell Douglas MD-83. Minerve wanted to expand into North America and created a subsidiary in Canada called Minerve Canada, but that venture did not last long and it had a negative effect on the parent company. Other investments in Jet Alsace and Jet Fret created more financial burdens which led to the sale of 50% of the stock to the tour operator Club Mediteranee. To expand operations, three Douglas DC-10 were acquired for long-range services.

In 1992 Minerve merged with Air Outre Mer to form AOM French Airlines.[2]

Fleet details[edit]


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