Minet el-Beida

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Minet el-Beida
المينا البيضا
Duck container, a toilette article designed to hold make-up. Hippopotamus tusk, 13th century BC. Found at Minet el-Beida.
Duck container found at Minet el-Beida.
Located on the Mediterranean coast of Syria
Located on the Mediterranean coast of Syria
Shown within Syria
Alternate name Ma'hadu
Location Latakia, Syria
Coordinates 35°36′25″N 35°46′34″E / 35.607°N 35.776°E / 35.607; 35.776
Type settlement, port
Founded late fifteenth century BC
Periods Bronze Age
Cultures Canaanite
Satellite of Ugarit
Events Bronze Age collapse
Site notes
Excavation dates 1928—1935
Archaeologists Claude F. A. Schaeffer
Ownership Public
Public access No

Minet el-Beida (Arabic: المينا البيضا‎‎, The White Harbor; or ancient Ma'hadu) is a small bay located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) north of Latakia, Syria on the Mediterranean Sea. [1] It is an important archaeological site because it served as the harbor town and necropolis for Ugarit.

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