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Minezaki stable (峰崎部屋, Minezaki-beya) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, one of the Nishonoseki ichimon or group of stables. It was founded in December 1988 by Misugiiso, who branched off from the Hanaregoma stable and enrolled his younger brother as a wrestler. As of January 2018 it had 13 wrestlers. It is located in the Nerima ward of Tokyo. After the May 2012 tournament it absorbed Hanakago stable, run by former komusubi Daijuyama, who became an assistant coach. The stable has yet to produce a sekitori wrestler on its own, but has inherited Arawashi, previously of Hanakago and before that Araiso stable, who first reached jūryō in July 2011. Minezaki stable already had a Mongolian wrestler, Torugawa, but was allowed to take another foreigner because of the merger. Hanakago stable's Ryukiyama from South Korea was allowed to transfer for the same reason.

In March 2018 it emerged that a junior wrestler at the stable had been the victim of physical assault by a more senior wrestler and retired as a result.[1] The incidents were not reported to Minezaki Oyakata at the time and he found out only after the victim's father told him his son was beaten four times at the stable between September 2017 and January 2018.[2]


Notable active wrestlers[edit]



  • Kimura Ginjirō (makuuchi gyōji, real name Noriyuki Itoi)
  • Kimura Mitsunosuke (jūryō gyōji, real name Makoto Kawahara)
  • Kimura Kazuma (sandanme gyoji, real name Kazuma Okada)


  • Hiroyuki (jūryō yobidashi, real name Hiroyuki Kon)
  • Masao (jūryō yobidashi, real name Noriyuki Ōtaka)


Location and Access[edit]

Tokyo, Nerima Ward, Tagara 2-20-3
Nearest station: Chikatetsu Akatsuka Station on the Yūrakuchō Line

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