Mingalazedi Pagoda

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Mingalazedi Pagoda
Mingalazedi Pagoda
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
LocationBagan, Mandalay Region
Mingalazedi Pagoda is located in Myanmar
Mingalazedi Pagoda
Shown within Myanmar
Geographic coordinates21°09′41″N 94°51′28″E / 21.161368°N 94.857729°E / 21.161368; 94.857729Coordinates: 21°09′41″N 94°51′28″E / 21.161368°N 94.857729°E / 21.161368; 94.857729
FounderKing Narathihapate
Completed1284; 738 years ago (1284)

Mingalazedi Pagoda (Burmese: မင်္ဂလာစေတီ, pronounced [mɪ̀ɰ̃ɡəlà zèdì]; also spelt Mingalar Zedi Pagoda) is a Buddhist stupa located in Bagan, Burma. Construction started in 1274 during the reign of King Narathihapate.[1]: 183  The pagoda is one of few temples in Bagan with a full set of glazed terra cotta tiles depicting the Jataka. The pagoda was built in brick and contains several terraces leading to large pot-shaped stupa at its centre, topped by a bejewelled umbrella (hti). Mingalazedi Pagoda was built a few years before the First Burmese Empire (Bagan Kingdom) was pillaged by the Mongols.


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