Minghe UAV

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Agricultural UAV
Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer (Minghe)
Designer Minghe
Introduction 2003
Status In service
Primary user China

Minghe UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Dongguan Minghe Crop Dusting UAV Co., Ltd. (东莞市明合农业喷药无人机有限公司), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dongguan (Minghe, 东莞市明合电子有限公司) headquartered in Zhangmutou. Originally an electronics component manufacturer, Minghe has since expanded its business into UAV arena by developing its electronic equipment department (明合电子设备部) into a wholly owned subsidiary specializing in crop dusting UAV production.

Agricultural unmanned helicopter[edit]

Agricultural unmanned helicopter is an unmanned helicopter developed by Minghe specifically for low-level crop dusting. This UAV is in conventional layout with a pair of skids as landing gear. In comparison to most other Chinese unmanned helicopters in service, Agricultural unmanned helicopter developed by Minghe can carry much greater payload relative to its own weight, and the payload it can carry is almost equal to its own weight. Specification:[1]

  • Length (m): 2.47
  • Height (m): 0.725
  • Main rotor diameter (m): 2.05
  • Tail rotor diameter (m): 0.341
  • Empty weight (kg): 12
  • Payload (kg): 10
  • Max speed @ full load (km/hr): 20
  • Endurance @ full load (min): 15

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