Minghsin University of Science and Technology

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Minghsin University of Science and Technology
Seal of Minghsin University of Science and Technology.png
Motto Insistence, Innovation, Creation
Type Private
Established March 1966 (as Ming Hsin Engineering College)
President Pao-Hsin Yuan(袁保新)
Administrative staff
581 (full time)
Students 13,467 grad., 103 post-grad.
Location Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
24°51′46″N 120°59′21″E / 24.86278°N 120.98917°E / 24.86278; 120.98917Coordinates: 24°51′46″N 120°59′21″E / 24.86278°N 120.98917°E / 24.86278; 120.98917
Campus Semi-rural, 32 acres (320,000 m²)
Website www.must.edu.tw
Minghsin University of Science and Technology
Traditional Chinese 明新科技大學

Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST; Chinese: 明新科技大學) is a private university in Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.


I. Industrial Junior College Period

MUST was founded in 1966 that was known as Ming Hsin Engineering College (MEC). During this period, there were only some industrial associate degree programs, like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Management, Chemical Engineering, etc..

II. Industrial and Commercial Junior College Period

MEC was renamed to Ming Hsin Institute of Technology and Commerce (MHITC) in 1993. During this period, commercial programs were added, like International Trade, Business Administration, etc..

III. College Period

In 1997, the Ministry of Education agreed MHITC to upgrade to Ming Hsin Institute of Technology (MHIT) with bachelor's degree programs and associate degree programs. During this period, some programs for service industries were added, like Hotel Management, Child Development and Education, etc..

IV. University Period

The Ministry of Education agreed MHIT to upgrade to a full university called Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology on 1 September 2002, and established three colleges: College of Engineering, Management, and Service Industries. In the same year, master's degree programs were added.


Front Entrance

The campus is situated in Hsinchu County covering a complex of 32 acres (320,000 m²) overlooking Hsinchu City. The excellent facilities create an ideal learning and recreational envioronment. It is close to both Hsinchu Industrial Park and the renowned Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park.


Administration Building

A president heads the university, and it is divided into four colleges, each having a variety of departments:

  • College of Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department and Institute of Electrical Engineering
    • Department and Institute of Electronic Engineering
    • Department and Institute of Chemical Engineering
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Opto-Electronic System Engineering
    • Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    • Department of Communications Engineering
    • Department of Environmental Informatics
    • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
    • Institute of Construction Engineering and Management
    • Institute of Precision Mechatronic Engineering
  • College of Management
    • Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
    • Department and Institute of Information Management
    • Department of International Business
    • Department and Institute of Business Administration
    • Department of Finance
    • Institute of Engineering Management
    • Global Logistics Management Center
  • College of Service Industries
    • Department of Hotel Management
    • Department of Child Development and Education
    • Department of Leisure Management
    • Department of Senior Citizen Service Management
    • Center for Teacher Education
    • Senior Activity Center
  • College of Humanities and Social Science
    • Department of Applied Foreign Languages
    • Department of Sports Management
    • Arts Center
    • Center for Hakka Studies

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