Minhang Development Zone Station

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Minhang Development Zone Station
Shanghai Metro
Line 5 Platform of Minhang Development Zone Station.jpg
Location Shanghai
Operated by Shanghai No.1 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Line(s)      Line 5
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
toward Xinzhuang
Line 5 Terminus

Minhang Development Zone Station (simplified Chinese: 闵行开发区站; traditional Chinese: 閔行開發區站; pinyin: Mǐnháng Kāifāqū Zhàn) is a metro station in the city of Shanghai.

This station is the southern terminus of Line 5 in the satellite city Minhang. The zone is about 3.5 km² in size and was opened in 1986. The location is close to the Outer-ringway giving the zone quick access to both airports of the city. The opening of Line 5 has dramatically improved access to downtown Shanghai.

The zone contains factories for companies that produce machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, beverages and entertainment products.

Coordinates: 31°00′09″N 121°21′54″E / 31.0025°N 121.365°E / 31.0025; 121.365