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Minho Campus Party (also known as MCP) is Portugal's first and largest recurring LAN party which takes place in the Minho region.


LAN parties originated from Northern Europe, with the tradition of frequent 10-year-run.

The event is a manifestation of the new opportunities for youth and youth culture in this millennium: All over the world, youthes are coming together to create communities based on a mutual interest in computers and computing.

Locations by city, all editions are held in Portugal, in the Minho region.
Date start / end Number of participants Location Area (m2)
2001 August 29 - September 2 300 Braga, Parque de exposições
2002 July 31 - August 4 600 Guimarães, Pavilhão Multiusos
2003 July 30 - August 3 1500 Viana do Castelo, Pavilhão da Associação Industrial do Minho
2004 July 28 - August 1 1700 Braga, Estádio Municipal de Braga 9500

Professor Altamiro Machado[edit]

The idea of bringing to Portugal, and specifically to the Minho area, an event of this type came from Professor Altamiro Machado (one of the pioneers of education of computer science in the 1970s) University Professor and then director of the Department of Information Systems (DSI - Departamento de Sistemas e Informação) of the Minho University. Professor Altamiro Machado developed the idea, looking for support, and developing the first contacts with the team of Charles Pinto Spanish event. It was from his initiative that a group of about forty students of the DSI participated in the Campus Party [1] 2000 in Valencia, with the objective of later helping to implement the Portuguese version of the event. Professor Altamiro Machado died in end of March 2001. In his memory the accomplishments of the Minho Campus Party are a tribute to the university professor who was truly a man of vision. During the 2001 event, a session to honor the professor's memory [2] was organized


Cisco Systems supported the MCP since its first edition, and for the past 4 (four) years, mounting the network infrastructure and supplying the necessary equipment (an investment of more than two million dollars). Before the role was taken over by ProCruve Networking by HP
Portugal Telecom supports the connection.

MCP 2004[edit]

  • 3 (three) ATM, STM-1 (155 Mbit each), connected to the data centre of the Telepac (Portugal Telecom Group) on Porto.
  • 15,000 meters of optical-fiber
  • 30,000 of network cables


When official competitions don't exist, participants frequently organize competitions between themselves, of which many become officially recognised by the organization.

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