Minhou County

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Minhou County
Skyline of Minhou County
Minhou is located in Fujian
Location in Fujian
Coordinates: 26°14′50″N 119°04′59″E / 26.24722°N 119.08306°E / 26.24722; 119.08306Coordinates: 26°14′50″N 119°04′59″E / 26.24722°N 119.08306°E / 26.24722; 119.08306
Country China
Province Fujian
Prefecture-level city Fuzhou
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Minhou County (simplified Chinese: 闽侯; traditional Chinese: 閩侯; pinyin: mǐn hòu; Foochow Romanized: Mìng-âu) is a county in eastern Fujian Province, China. It is under the administration of Fuzhou City.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The county has one subdistrict, 8 towns and 6 townships.

  • Subdistrict:Ganzhe subdistrict (甘蔗街道)
  • Town:Baisha Town (白沙镇), Nanyu town (南屿镇)、Shanggan Town (尚干镇)、Xiangqian Town (祥谦镇)、Qingkou Town (青口镇)、Nantong Town(南通镇)、Shangjie Town (上街镇), JingxiTown (荆溪镇)
  • Township:Zhuqi township 竹岐乡、Pengwei Township 鸿尾乡、Yangli township (洋里乡)、Dahu township (大湖乡)、Tingping Township (廷坪乡)、Xiaoruo Township (小箬乡)


In August 2014, 396 villagers from Qingpuling (青布岭村) of Qingkou Town won a court case against a waste management company.[1] They were awarded 6,000,000 RMB in compensation.[1][2] The waste company set up their medical waste incineration facility back in 2000.[2] [3] The pollution caused black dust or ash to contaminate the surrounding environment trees, plants, waterways and households.[4] Residents had long suspected the cancer rates was due to the environmental pollution from the incineration plant.[4] The government has offered relocation for the affected residents.[4]



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