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A Mini-MBA is a training regimen focused on the fundamentals of business management. The program provides an introductory insight into business, preparing students as well as professionals for what might be a further exploration, or just a foundational understanding of the area. While it is named as "Mini-MBA", it is generally not considered as a version of MBA degree, nor an academic degree.


Mini-MBA programs typically cover the content topics of traditional MBAs such as accounting, business communication, business ethics, finance, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, and strategic management but in shorter introductory modules or courses. These programs are typically non-credit bearing and require less than 100 hours of total learning.

List of programs[edit]

Several business schools, colleges and educational institutions offer online and offline Mini-MBA programs, including:

Today, many international companies also implement their own internal Mini-MBA programs to train their employees, such as McKinsey’s Mini-MBA for Young Professionals.[22] and PwC’s Mini MBA.[23]