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Minimetrò Perugia
Map of the Minimetrò Perugia

MiniMetro is a family of cable propelled automated people mover systems built by Poma/Leitner Group. The vehicles either run on rails or an air cushion and have either a detachable grip (to the cable) or a fixed grip. Leitner has a test track for the vehicles in Vipetino. Current maximum capacity of the system is around 8000 passengers per hour. The latest system installed with the MiniMetro brand was the Cairo Airport People Mover that opened in May 2013.

Perugia People Mover[edit]

In Perugia, a 3,027-metre (1.881 mi) stretch with seven stations[1] opened in February 2008 to relieve the inner city of car traffic. It consists of more than 25 vehicles of 5 m each, with a capacity of 25 passengers and a speed of up to 25 kilometers (16 mi) per hour. The interval between successive vehicles is around 1.5 minutes. In 2013 the system carried 10,000 passengers per day.[2] Plans exist for a second line.

Similar systems are under consideration in Bolzano and Copenhagen.

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