Mini Marvels

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Mini Marvels
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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Main character(s) Marvel Characters
Creative team
Written by Chris Giarrusso, Marc Sumerak, Sean McKeever, Audrey Loeb, Paul Tobin
Artist(s) Chris Giarrusso
Letterer(s) Chris Giarrusso
Colorist(s) Chris Giarusso
Editor(s) Nathan Cosby

Mini Marvels is an all-ages comic book written and illustrated by Chris Giarrusso and published by Marvel Comics. The comic has been published in the form of back-ups in other comic books as well as original one-shots and trade paperback collections. The comics are a humorous depiction of the Marvel heroes as children of various ages, sometimes parodying storylines from the mainstream Marvel universe.

Bullpen Bits[edit]

The Mini Marvels were originally in a comic strip called "Bullpen Bits", published in Bullpen Bulletins. They now can be viewed in several Mini Marvels trade paperbacks.

Running Gags[edit]


  • Giant-Size Mini Marvels #1 - "Paperboy Blues" and a collection of "Bullpen Bits"
  • Spidey and the Mini Marvels #1 - "Paperboy Showdown" and "Cereal Quest"
  • Mini Marvels Volume 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors - All comics from the above two collections, plus several other stories
  • Mini Marvels Volume 2: Secret Invasion - More stories and "Bullpen Bits" by Giarrusso, as well as a few stories written by others
  • Mini Marvels: Ultimate Collection - All the stories from Volumes 1 and 2, Five new stories, and a complete collection of Bullpen Bits


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