Mini Wildgoose

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Mini Wildgoose
A Mini Wildgoose
AssemblyWorthing, Sussex, England
Body and chassis
Body styleCampervan
PlatformMini Mk1 Van
Engine848 cc (52 cu in)

The Mini Wildgoose was a motorhome based on a Mini. It was particularly designed for the "retired couple"[1] and was believed[by whom?] to reach speeds of 70 mph (112 km/h) but a cruising speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) was probably more realistic.

The Mini Wildgoose was produced in limited numbers by a company in Sussex in the South of England during the 1960s. For the vehicle a BMC Mini van was needed and then a conversion kit which cost either £445, £480 or £601. It was, at least in theory, also possible to buy the complete vehicle with conversion completed.

Standard equipment[edit]

With the Mini Wildgoose conversion, four seats were provided in a dinette and a double bed was also accommodated. Equipment included was a table, curtains, cupboards and water carriers.

Optional extras[edit]

Supplementary equipment was also available, which can be compared to today's camper experiences, such as;

  • Combined luggage rack and spare wheel container
  • Extended wing mirrors
  • Hammock type bunk
  • Undersealing of cab.


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