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Miniclip SA.
Type of site
Online games
Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Hindi, Romanian, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, and Japanese
Founded March 30, 2001
Headquarters Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Key people Robert Small: CEO
Slogan(s) "Play Games"
(Former slogans: "Play Online Games", "Play Free Online Games", "Free Games and Shows")
Alexa rank Negative increase 1,459 (As of June 1, 2017)[1]
Registration Optional
Current status Active

Miniclip is a free online games website. It was launched in 2001 and is known for having a large and varied collection of games. It is the world's largest privately owned online gaming website.[2] It was started in 2001 by Robert Small and Tihan Presbie (who is no longer with the company) on a budget of £40,000[3] and quickly grew. As of 2008, the company has been valued at over £900 million, having been profitable for six of its first seven years, with turnovers exceeding £20 million from 2006–2008 alone.[3]

In 2015, Tencent acquired majority stakes of Miniclip SA.[4]

In Dec 2016, Miniclip crossed 1 billion downloads across its mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows devices, with more than 350 million downloads in the past 12 months.[5]

Security issues[edit]

Several security firms reported in 2006 that some Miniclip users had installed a "miniclipgameloader.dll" which contains the hostile code identified as "Trojan DownLoader 3069".[6] Removal tools are available. Reports in 2006 from the same security vendors show the same file as not containing hostile code.[citation needed] In 2006, the security firm Sunbelt Software reported that Miniclip installed "High Risk" malware called "Trojan-Downloader.CR64Loader".[7] On September 1, 2005, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued an advisory concerning Miniclip:

The Retro64 / Miniclip CR64 Loader ActiveX control contains a buffer overflow vulnerability. This may allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute an arbitrary code on a vulnerable system.... Although the ActiveX control is no longer in use by either or, any system that has used certain pages of these web sites in the past (prior to September, 2005) may be vulnerable.[8]

Mobile games[edit]

Miniclip also has many mobile games that are available for iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone, such as 8 Ball Pool, Gravity Guy, Bloons Tower Defense , Plague Inc., Berry Rush,,, Thunderbirds Are GO!, Soccer Stars, Flip Diving, Basketball Stars, and Archery King.

Xbox games for Windows 8[edit]

In September 2012, Microsoft announced on Windows team blog dated August 31, 2012 (see also List of Xbox games on Windows) that Miniclip games will be able to distribute their games on the Xbox division of Windows 8. Miniclip games that are supported by Xbox for Windows 8 include Gravity Guy, iStunt 2 and Monster Island. Gravity Guy was released on Windows Store on November 29, 2012. In April 2013, most of the Miniclip games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone were distributed for free for one year.

Xbox One, PC, and PS4[edit]

On February 14, 2017 Miniclip released their first ever game which can be played on Xbox One, PC, and PS4, called MX Nitro. In this game players can compete on different tracks, upgrade their vehicles, challenge bosses and much more.[9]


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