Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla

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Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla
Author Carlos Marighella
Original title Minimanual do Guerrilheiro Urbano
Subject revolution
Publication date
June 1969
ISBN 1-894925-02-5

The Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla (Portuguese: Minimanual do Guerrilheiro Urbano) is a book written by Brazilian guerrilla fighter Carlos Marighella in 1969. It consists of advice on how to disrupt and overthrow an authoritarian regime, aiming at revolution. The text has been banned in many countries, but remains in print and on bookshelves in several others, including the United States.

It is necessary for every urban guerrilla to keep in mind always that he can only maintain his existence if he is disposed to kill the police and those dedicated to repression, and if he is determined to expropriate the wealth of the big capitalists, the latifundists and the imperialists.

The minimanual was written to be short and concise. It describes ways and strategies for a successful revolution, like the Cuban and Chinese ones.

Coming out just a year after the worldwide student rebellions of 1968, and at a time where hopes for international revolution among left-wing militants and intellectuals were at their highest, the minimanual became an important tool and reference point for many Maoist, Trotskyist and revolutionary socialist activists and guerrillas, and was also studied extensively by national liberation movements and organizations such as the PLO, the Sandinistas, and the Khmer Rouge.

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