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Minimax (TV channel) logo.png
Launched April 16, 1999 (Poland)
December 6, 1999 (Hungary)
Closed 1998 (Spain)
Owned by Canal+ Cyfrowy (1999–2004, Polish version only)
AMC Networks International Central Europe (2007–present)
Picture format 16:9 576i SDTV
Broadcast area Spain (defunct)
Poland (defunct)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Sister channel(s) Animax
Digi TV Channel 76
UPC Romania Channel 501 (SD with DVR)
Channel 121 (SD)
Moldtelecom (Moldova) 201
Moja TV
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Channel 010

Minimax is a Central European children's channel (mainly for toddlers but with also programs in the past), broadcast in Hungary (Hungarian), Slovenia (Slovene), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Czech), Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia (Serbian) & Romania and Moldova (Romanian). It launched in Hungary in 1996 and aired in Poland from 1999 to 2004. In Hungary, as of April 2007, it timeshares the channel slot with anime channel Animax after 8 PM. Previously, Minimax timeshared the channel with MusicMax, Game One, iTV Hungary, and m+, now known as Cool TV.The first look debuted in 1996. Minimax's policy goals include edutainment and non-violent programs.


Minimax (Original)[edit]

Minimax began as a channel in Spain in 1993, which was owned by Canal Satellite España, and was later closed in 1998 which the channel was sold to Fox Kids Worldwide Inc. in favor to launch Fox Kids for Spain.

Minimax (Current version)[edit]

Minimax was launched at April 16, 1999, in Poland which was owned by Canal+ Cyfrowy.

In August 1, 1999, GameOne began timesharing with Minimax Poland and runs between 8:00pm and 12:00am.

In December 6, 1999, Minimax had launched in Hungary and it runs from 6:00am to 8:00pm.

In April 2000, GameOne began timesharing with Minimax in Hungary and runs between 8:00pm and 2:00am similar what Noggin and The N did there timeshare in later 2002.

In 2001, Minimax had launched its Romanian, and Moldova feed.

In August 2001, iTV Hungary took GameOne's spot.

In September 1, 2001, GameOne Poland was replaced by Hyper+ and continued to timeshare with Minimax Poland.

In 2003, Minimax was launched in Slovakia.

In September 15, 2004, Minimax launched in Czech Republic replacing a similar channel called Supermax, several Supermax fans where upset about the replacement and stated that Supermax provides more mature programming. (since in the past Minimax had previously aired more non-preschool content in Poland and Hungary and especially Spain)

In September 15, 2003, m + took GameOne's place, years later GameOne remains operating in France and was purchased by Viacom International Media Networks (owners of Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central).

In July 1, 2004, Minimax had given a update look which wasn't used in Poland or Spain.

In September 4, 2004, m + was renamed to Cool TV and has been separate from Minimax since December 6, 2003.

Minimax's Polish feed had shutdown in 2004 and was replaced by ZigZap, (later switched to Teletoon+ in October 1, 2011) thus Hyper+ was relaunched as a separated channel.

In December 4, 2004, A+ Anime (or simply A+) began timesharing with Minimax replacing m +.

In September 6, 2006, Sony Pictures Television International had acquired A+, and did a similar way to its Latin American counterpart Locomotion.

In 2007, Chellomedia (now known as AMC Networks International) had acquired Minimax and launched in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Macedonia in 2007.

In April 11, 2007, Animax replaced A+ and timeshared with Minimax.

In March 31, 2014, Animax had shutdown and C8 replaced it at April 1, 2014 in Hungary, and May 5, 2014 in Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

In December 30, 2015, C8 had shutdown in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania thus Minimax runs 24 hours in those countries.

In January 1, 2016, Minimax began running for 24 hours except for the Hungarian feed which still remains timesharing with C8.

In January 1, 2018, C8 had shutdown completely and Minimax fled up the overnight spot making Minimax to run 24 hours for the first time.


Original Programming[edit]

  • Bedtime Stories (19:50-20:00, before the channel closedown)
  • Happy songs for Preschoolers
  • Learn Alphabet and Numbers!
  • Learn Everything!
  • Learn English and other languages with Mini and Max!
  • Learn the Colors!
  • Playdate

Other Programs[edit]

All other programs are dubbed expect for the Original Shows.

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