Mining industry of Guinea-Bissau

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Mining in Guinea-Bissau is limited to small-scale production of construction materials, such as clays, granite, limestone, and sand and gravel.[1] The country’s prospective minerals include bauxite, diamond, gold, heavy minerals, petroleum, and phosphate rock.[1]

Red Back Mining Inc. through its subsidiary Champion Industrial Minerals (CIM) held a mining lease for the Farim phosphate deposit, which was located about 100 km northeast of Bissau.[1] After completing a technical and market evaluation of the Farim phosphate deposit, the company concluded in 2003 that the project had advanced to a stage where it required a level of developmental, operational, and marketing expertise that was beyond CIM's capacity; since that time, the company has attempted to either locate a suitable partner to develop the Farim deposit or to sell it.[1]

The company was unsuccessful in both endeavors and, in 2005, continued to keep the Farim project on care and maintenance status.[1] The Farim phosphate rock deposit had estimated resources of more than 166 Mt at a grade of 29% P2O5.[1]


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