Mineral industry of Mauritius

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The mineral industry of Mauritius is small; the country does not play a significant role in the world’s production or consumption of minerals.[1] As of 2006, Mauritius produced basalt for construction, fertilizers, lime from coral, semi-manufactured steel, and solar-evaporated sea salt.[1] Local companies also cut imported diamond.[1]

As of 2006, imports of mineral fuels accounted for 17% of total imports; iron and steel, 2%; and cement, 1%.[1] In March 2006, concerns about import reliance and rising petroleum prices led the Government to sign an agreement with ONGC Videsh Ltd. of India for offshore petroleum exploration.[1]

In 2006, the production of sand increased by 52%; semi-manufactured steel, by 2%; and fertilizers, by 1%.[1] The reported value of sand production amounted to about $1 million.[1]

Aggregates are produced by Gamma Civic Ltd. and United Basalt Products Ltd.; fertilizers, by Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry; salt, by Mont Calme; and semi-manufactured steel, by Consolidated Steel.[1] These companies are privately owned.[1]


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