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Minion(s) may refer to:


In arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Minion (comics), a DC Comics superhero who was a member of the Teen Titans
  • Minions (Despicable Me), creatures from the Despicable Me film franchise
    • Minions (film), a 2015 animated film based on the creatures from the Despicable Me franchise
  • Minions (video game), a 2008 Flash game featured on the Casual Collective website
  • The Minion, a 1998 American and Canadian action supernatural horror film directed by Jean-Marc Piché
  • Maelstrom's Minions, Marvel Comics supervillains Gronk, Helio, and Phobius that work for Maelstrom
  • Overlord: Minions, a 2009 puzzle video game for the Nintendo DS
  • The creatures controlled by the player character in Overlord
  • Minion, the title character's best friend from the animated film Megamind
  • Minions, Blair Waldorf's followers at Constance Billard School in the television show Gossip Girl
  • Minion, a character and vehicle from the video game series Twisted Metal
  • Alexander Minion, a character from the movie Spy Kids

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