Miniota, Manitoba

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Miniota, Manitoba is an unincorporated community recognized as a local urban district[1] located northwest of Virden, Manitoba near the intersection of PTH 83 and PTH 24 within the boundaries of the rural municipality of the same name. The post office opened in 1885 on 36-13-27W. It was originally named Parkisimo and changed to its present name in 1900. It had two railways in its history: the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Grand Trunk Railway (now Canadian National Railway). Both had rail points about one mile apart and there was a Miniota Station on the latter.

Miniota has a K-8 school, a motel, and the biggest employer is the local co-op. There is also the Miniota Municipal Museum. The Rural Municipality of Miniota has its offices in the community.


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Coordinates: 50°08′36″N 101°01′59″W / 50.14333°N 101.03306°W / 50.14333; -101.03306