Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs

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Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs is a position in the Cabinet of Singapore that oversees policies and issues related to the Muslim community in Singapore. Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) is under the purview of the Minister-in-charge of Muslim affairs. In 1977, Dr. Ahmad Mattar was appointed Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs. Previously, there were no minister with a reference to Muslim Affairs as part of a minister's official duties.

Before Dr. Ahmad Mattar, ministers like Mr. Othman Wok (the then Minister for Social Affairs and Sports) or Mr. A. Rahim Ishak (the then Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs) were involved in the administration of Muslim affairs.

Since 25 March 2002, the position is held by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim.

Minister Start of term End of term
Dr. Ahmad Mattar 1977 1977
Abdullah Tarmugi 1996 24 March 2002
Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs
Yaacob Ibrahim 25 March 2002 Incumbent