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The Minister for Civil Society is a position within the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in the government of the United Kingdom. The post was last held by Rob Wilson and was merged with Minister of Sport. It concerned charities, volunteering, social enterprise and the 'Big Society' agenda of the UK government.[1]

Prior to the Cabinet reshuffle on formation of the May Ministry in 2016, the Office for Civil Society supporting the Minister was part of the Cabinet Office

The post was merged with Minister of Sport after the 2017 general election.

Ministers for Civil Society[edit]

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Nick Hurd Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society.jpg 15 May 2010 14 July 2014 Conservative David Cameron
Brooks Newmark Brooks Newmark.jpg 15 July 2014 27 September 2014 Conservative
Rob Wilson Robwilson.jpg 27 September 2014 8 June 2017 Conservative
David Cameron
Theresa May

Shadow ministers for Civil Society[edit]

Name Portrait Term of office Party
Gareth Thomas[2] Gareth Thomas (English politician).jpg October 2011 October 2013 Labour
Lisa Nandy Lisa Nandy, 2016 Labour Party Conference 3 (head crop).jpg October 2013 September 2015 Labour
Ian Lavery[3] Ian Lavery MP 2015.jpg September 2015 Incumbent Labour


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