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The Ministry of Development (Greek: Υπουργείο Ανάπτυξης) of Greece was created in January 1996 by then Prime Minister Costas Simitis through the merger of three former ministries: the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Tourism). The Ministry of Development was abolished after the 2009 election and its role taken over by the newly established Ministry of the Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping.

List of Ministers for Development[edit]

Name Took Office Left Office Party Notes
1 Vasso Papandreou 21 February 1996 19 February 1999 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
2 Evangelos Venizelos 19 February 1999 13 April 2000 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
3 Nikos Christodoulakis 13 April 2000 24 October 2001 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
4 Akis Tsochatzopoulos 24 October 2001 10 March 2004 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
5 Dimitris Sioufas 10 March 2004 19 September 2007 New Democracy
6 Christos Folias 19 September 2007 8 January 2009 New Democracy
7 Kostis Hatzidakis 8 January 2009 7 October 2009 New Democracy

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