Minister for EU Affairs (Sweden)

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Minister for EU Affairs
Lilla riksvapnet - Riksarkivet Sverige.png
Ann Linde

since 25 May 2016
Member of The Government
Appointer The Prime Minister
Inaugural holder Ulf Dinkelspiel
Formation 1991
Final holder Birgitta Ohlsson
Abolished 2014

The Minister for European Union Affairs was a cabinet minister who was part of the Swedish Government and appointed by the Prime Minister. The minister was directly under the Prime Minister's Office and was responsible for overall questions about the European Union, such as the strategy for growth and employment, the financial perspective (financial perspectives), the Lisbon Treaty and the anchoring of EU membership.

On 25 May 2016, Ann Linde was appointed Minister for European Union Affairs. She is also Minister for Trade. From 2014 to 2016, the office was abolished.

List of Ministers for European Union Affairs[edit]

Minister for EU Affairs Took office Left office Time in office Party Prime Minister
Ulf Dinkelspiel
Dinkelspiel, UlfUlf Dinkelspiel
(born 1939)
4 October 1991 7 October 1994 3 years, 3 days   Moderate Bildt, CarlCarl Bildt (M)
Mats Hellström
Hellström, MatsMats Hellström
(born 1942)
7 October 1994 22 March 1996 1 year, 167 days   Social Democratic Carlsson, IngvarIngvar Carlsson (S)
Bosse Ringholm
Ringholm, BosseBosse Ringholm
(born 1942)
1 January 2005 6 October 2006 1 year, 278 days   Social Democratic Persson, GöranGöran Persson (S)
Cecilia Malmström
Malmström, CeciliaCecilia Malmström
(born 1968)
6 October 2006 10 February 2010 3 years, 127 days   Liberal People's Reinfeldt, FredrikFredrik Reinfeldt (M)
Birgitta Ohlsson
Ohlsson, BirgittaBirgitta Ohlsson
(born 1975)
10 February 2010 3 October 2014 4 years, 235 days   Liberal People's Reinfeldt, FredrikFredrik Reinfeldt (M)
Ann Linde
Linde, AnnAnn Linde
(born 1961)
25 May 2016 Incumbent 2 years, 22 days   Social Democratic Löfven, StefanStefan Löfven (S)

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