Minister for Education (New South Wales)

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Minister for Education
New South Wales coa.png
Adrian Piccoli.jpg
Adrian Piccoli

since 3 April 2011
Department of Education and Communities
Style The Honourable
Nominator Barry O'Farrell
Appointer Marie Bashir
Inaugural holder John Plunkett
as Chairman of the Board of National Education
Formation 14 April 1848

The New South Wales Minister for Education has responsibilities which includes all schools and TAFE colleges in NSW.

The current Minister for Education is Adrian Piccoli; and the current Assistant Minister for Education and Minister for Early Childhood Education is Leslie Williams. Together, they administer the portfolio through the Department of Education and Communities.

List of Ministers[edit]

The following individuals have been appointed Minister for Education.[1]

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
John Plunkett None 1848–1858 Chairman of the Board of National Education
Sir Charles Nicholson 1858
George Holden 1859
Sir Charles Nicholson 1860
George Holden 1861–1866
Henry Parkes 1867–1870 President of the Council of Education
John Smith 1870–1871
George Wigram Allen 1871–1872
John Smith 1872–1873
George Wigram Allen None 1873–1875 Minister for Justice and Public Instruction
Joseph Docker 1875–1877
Francis Suttor 1877
John Lackey 1877
Joseph Leary 1877–1878
Francis Suttor 1878–1880
Sir John Robertson 1880–1881 Minister for Public Instruction
Francis Suttor 1881–1883
George Reid 1883–1884
William Trickett 1884–1885
James Young 1885–1886
Arthur Renwick Protectionist 1886–1887
James Inglis Free Trade 1887–1889
Francis Suttor Protectionist 1889
Joseph Carruthers Free Trade 1889–1891
Francis Suttor Protectionist 1891–1894
Jacob Garrard Free Trade 1894–1898
James Hogue 1898–1899
John Perry Protectionist 1899–1904
John Fegan Free Trade 1904–1905
Broughton O'Conor Liberal Reform 1904–1907
James Hogue 1907–1910
George Beeby Labor 1910–1911
Ambrose Carmichael 1911
Frederick Flowers 1911–1912
Ambrose Carmichael 1912–1915
William Holman 1915
Arthur Griffith 1915–1916
Augustus James Nationalist 1916–1920
Thomas Mutch Labor 1920–1921
Thomas Ley Nationalist 1921
Thomas Mutch Labor 1921–1922
Albert Bruntnell Nationalist 1922–1925
Thomas Mutch Labor 1925–1927 Minister for Education
Billy Davies 1927 Minister for Public Instruction
David Drummond Country 1927–1930 Minister for Education
Billy Davies Labor 1930–1932
David Drummond Country 1932–1941
Clive Evatt Labor 1941–1944
Robert Heffron 1944–1960
Ernest Wetherell 1960–1965
Sir Charles Cutler Country 1965–1972
Sir Eric Willis Liberal 1972–1976
Neil Pickard 1976
Eric Bedford Labor 1976–1980
Paul Landa 1980–1981
Ron Mulock 1981–1984
Eric Bedford 1984
Rodney Cavalier 1984–1988
Terry Metherell Liberal 1988–1990 Minister for Education and Youth Affairs
Virginia Chadwick 24 July 1990 – 26 May 1993 Minister for School Education and Youth Affairs
26 May 1993 – 4 April 1995 Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs
John Aquilina Labor 1995–2001 Minister for Education and Training
John Watkins 2001–2003
Andrew Refshauge 2003–2005
Carmel Tebbutt 2005–2007
John Della Bosca 2007–2008
Verity Firth 2008–2011
Adrian Piccoli National 2011–present Minister for Education

Assistant Ministers[edit]

Occasionally, an Assistant Minister for Education would be appointed to assist the minister and act as a deputy.[1]

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
John Daniel FitzGerald Labor 1916 Assistant Minister for Public Instruction
Wallace Fife Liberal 1965–1967 Assistant Minister for Education
Bob Debus Labor 1986–1988
Kerry Chikarovski Liberal 1992–1993
Office not in use N/A N/A N/A
Victor Dominello Liberal 23 April 2014 – 2 April 2015 Assistant Minister for Education
Leslie Williams National 2 April 2015 – present Assistant Minister for Education
Minister for Early Childhood Education

Skills and training[edit]

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
John Fahey Liberal 24 July 1990 – 3 July 1992 Minister for Further Education, Training and Employment
Virginia Chadwick 3 July 1992 – 26 May 1995 Minister for Employment and Training
Office not in use N/A N/A N/A
John Barilaro National 2 April 2015 – present Minister for Skills


Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
Linda Burney Labor 2 April 2007 – 5 September 2008 Minister for Volunteering
Graham West 8 September 2008 – 4 December 2009
Peter Primrose 4 December 2009 – 28 March 2011


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