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Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles is a cabinet minister in charge of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Seychelles, responsible for conducting foreign relations of the country.

The following is a list of foreign ministers of Seychelles since its founding in 1976:[1]

No. Name
Portrait Tenure
1 Sir James Mancham
James Mancham 2014.jpg 1976–1977
2 Guy Sinon
No image.png 1977–1979
3 Jacques Hodoul
(b. 1943)
No image.png 1979–1982
4 Maxime Ferrari
(b. 1930)
No image.png 1982–1984
5 France-Albert René
(b. 1935)
France-Albert René, June 2014.jpg 1984–1989
6 Danielle de St. Jorre
No image.png 1989–1997
(5) France-Albert René
(b. 1935)
France-Albert René, June 2014.jpg 1997
7 Jérémie Bonnelame
(b. 1938)
No image.png 1997–2005
8 Patrick Pillay Patrick Pillay.jpg 2005–2009
9 James Michel
(b. 1944)
James Michel 2014.png 2009–2010
10 Jean-Paul Adam
(b. 1977)
Jean Paul Adam, Foreign Minister, Seychelles (6777093790) (cropped).jpg 2010–2015
11 Joel Morgan
(b. 1961)
Joel Morgan, May 2013.jpg 2015–2016
12 Danny Faure
(b. 1962)
Danny Faure 2013-04-23.jpg 2016–present


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