Minister for Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia

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Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia
Daur Kove

since 4 October 2016
Appointer President of Abkhazia
Term length no limit
Inaugural holder Sokrat Jinjolia
Formation 17 May 1993

The office of Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia was created on 17 May 1993, during the 1992-1993 war with Georgia.[1] Due to the diplomatic isolation of Abkhazia, which remains widely unrecognised, the role of the foreign minister has been restricted mostly to negotiations over resolving the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict.[citation needed]


Government of President Ardzinba[edit]

On 30 April 1997, former Aidgylara Chairman Sergei Shamba was appointed Foreign Minister instead of Konstantin Ozgan, who had been appointed First Vice Premier, succeeding Sergei Bagapsh, who had been appointed Prime Minister on 29 April.[2][3]

Shamba remained Foreign Minister until he resigned on 15 June 2004 along with First Vice Premier Astamur Tarba (who eventually stayed on) and Security Service Chairman Givi Agrba following the murder of opposition politician Garri Aiba.[4][5] Shamba was temporarily replaced by his deputy Gueorgui Otyrba on 18 July, and permanently by Abkhazia's representative in Moscow Igor Akhba on 28 July.[1][6] On 14 December 2004, following the Tangerine Revolution but while Vladislav Ardzinba was still President, he re-arranged the cabinet. Sergei Shamba was re-appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs and additionally became Vice-Premier.[7][8]

Government of President Bagapsh[edit]

After the election of Sergei Bagapsh as President, Foreign Minister Sergei Shamba was one of the few Ministers to be re-appointed, on 26 March 2005.[9]

Following the re-election of Bagapsh, Shamba was appointed Prime Minister (as outgoing Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab had been elected Vice President), he was succeeded by his deputy Maxim Gvinjia on 26 February.[10]

Government of President Ankvab[edit]

After the election of Alexander Ankvab, he appointed diplomat and academic Viacheslav Chirikba as Foreign Minister On 11 October.[11]

Government of President Khajimba[edit]

Chirikba was only one of three Cabinet members to be re-appointed in the cabinet of Prime Minister Beslan Butba following the May 2014 Revolution and the subsequent election of Raul Khajimba as President.[12]

Chirikba was again re-appointed under Prime Minister Artur Mikvabia, but on 20 September 2016, after the appointment of Beslan Bartsits as Prime Minister, he released a statement in which he announced his resignation because he was unable to continue in his post under the current circumstances.[13] The Presidential press service responded by claiming that Chirikba had not been re-appointed because he had failed to lead a delegation to Transnistria in early September.[14] Chirikba refuted this in another statement in which he explained that he had not been able to lead the delegation due to an attack of hypertension and claimed that the decision to re-appoint him had already been made at that point and that he had originally submitted his resignation on 31 August after Khajimba had for more than a month refused to meet him to discuss foreign affairs.[15] In a press conference one week later, Khajimba specified that Chirikba had not been active enough as Foreign Minister and that as head of the Ministry, he had to be held responsible for certain financial irregularities that had been uncovered by the Control Chamber.[16] On 4 October Chirikba's successor Daur Kove was appointed.[17] In the intervening period, Deputy Minister Oleg Arshba had served as acting Minister.[18]

List of people to hold the office[edit]

# Name Entered office Left office President Comments
Said Tarkil 17 May 1993 [1] December 1993 Acting
1 Sokrat Jinjolia December 1993 [1] November 1994 [1]
2 Leonid Lakerbaia 29 June 1995 [1] 31 July 1996 Vladislav Ardzinba
3 Konstantin Ozgan 31 July 1996 [1] 30 April 1997
4 Sergei Shamba 30 April 1997 [2] 18 June 2004 First time
Gueorgui Otyrba 18 June 2004 [1] 28 July 2004 Acting
5 Igor Akhba 28 July 2004 [6] 14 December 2004
6 Sergei Shamba 14 December 2004 [7] 21 March 2005 [19] Second time
21 March 2005 [9] 26 February 2010 Sergei Bagapsh
7 Maxim Gvinjia 26 February 2010 [10] 11 October 2011
8 Viacheslav Chirikba 11 October 2011 [11] 1 June 2014 Alexander Ankvab
1 June 2014 17 October 2014 Valeri Bganba
17 October 2014 [12] 20 September 2016 [13] Raul Khajimba
Oleg Arshba September 2016 [18] 4 October 2016 Acting
9 Daur Kove 4 October 2016 [17] Present


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