Minister for Gender Equality (Sweden)

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Minister for Gender Equality
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Åsa Regnér.jpg
Åsa Regnér

since 3 October 2014
Member of The Government
Appointer The Prime Minister
Inaugural holder Ulla Lindström
Formation 1954

The Minister for Gender Equality (Swedish: Jämställdhetsministern) is a cabinet minister within the Swedish Government and appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden.

The minister is responsible for issues regarding gender equality, popular education and policies for the civil society. The current Minister for Gender Equality is Åsa Regnér, appointed on 3 October 2014. She concurrently serves as Minister for Children and the Elderly.

List of Ministers for Gender Equality[edit]

Name Term Political Party Prime Minister
  Ulla Lindström 1954–1966 Social Democrats Tage Erlander
  Camilla Odhnoff 1966–1973 Social Democrats
  Olof Palme
  Anna-Greta Leijon 1973–1976 Social Democrats
  Eva Winther 1978–1979 Liberal People's Party Ola Ullsten
  Karin Andersson 1979–1982 Centre Party Thorbjörn Fälldin
  Anita Gradin 1982–1986 Social Democrats Olof Palme
  Maj-Lis Lööw 1989–1991 Social Democrats Ingvar Carlsson
  Birgit Friggebo 1991–1993 Liberal People's Party Carl Bildt
  Bengt Westerberg 1993–1994 Liberal People's Party
  Mona Sahlin 1994–1995 Social Democrats Ingvar Carlsson
  Marita Ulvskog 1995–1996 Social Democrats
  Ulrica Messing 1996–1998 Social Democrats Göran Persson
  Margareta Winberg 1998–2003 Social Democrats
  Mona Sahlin 2003–2004 Social Democrats
  Jens Orback 2004–2006 Social Democrats
  Nyamko Sabuni 2006–2013 Liberal People's Party Fredrik Reinfeldt
  Maria Arnholm 2013–2014 Liberal People's Party
  Åsa Regnér 2014– Social Democrats Stefan Löfven

Ministry history[edit]

The office of Minister for Gender Equality have been under several different ministries since its founding in 1954.

Ministry Term
Ministry of the Interior 1954–1973
Ministry of Employment 1973–1976
Ministry of Employment 1978–1986
Ministry of Employment 1989–1991
Ministry of Culture 1991–1993
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs 1993–1994
Prime Minister's Office 1994–1995
Ministry of Civil Affairs 1995–1996
Ministry of Employment 1996–1998
Ministry of Agriculture 1998–2003
Ministry of Justice 2004–2006
Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality 2006–2010
Ministry of Education 2010–2014
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs 2014–

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