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Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service
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Brandon Lewis Minister.jpg
Brandon Lewis
Home Office
Appointer Theresa May

The Minister of State for Policing, Fire and Criminal Justice is a ministerial position held jointly at the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice in the Government of the United Kingdom.[1][2][3] Conservative MP Mike Penning held the portfolio between July 2014 and July 2016. He was promoted by new Prime Minister Theresa May in 2016, with his successor announced as Brandon Lewis. The post was created by the splitting of the now-defunct office of the Minister for Security, Counter-Terrorism, Crime and Policing into two new ministerial posts: Security & Counter-Terrorism and Crime & Policing. From January 2016 onwards the Minister is responsible for the portfolio for Fire and Rescue Services.


Name Portrait Term of office Political party P.M.
David Maclean 27 May 1993 2 May 1997 Conservative John Major
Alun Michael AlunMichael crop.jpg 2 May 1997 27 October 1998 Labour Tony Blair
Paul Boateng PBJan2010.JPG 27 October 1998 11 June 2001 Labour
John Denham John Denham.jpg 11 June 2001 13 June 2003 Labour
Hazel Blears[4] Hazel Blears, June 2009 2 cropped.jpg 13 June 2003 5 May 2006 Labour
Tony McNulty TonyMcNulty.jpg 5 May 2006 3 October 2008 Labour
Gordon Brown
Vernon Coaker[5] Vernon Coaker MP.jpg 3 October 2008 3 June 2009 Labour
David Hanson David Hanson 2.jpg 10 June 2009 11 May 2010 Labour
Nick Herbert Nick Herbert - minister for policing and criminal justice.jpg 13 May 2010 4 September 2012 Conservative David Cameron
Damian Green Damian Green - immigration minister.jpg 4 September 2012 15 July 2014 Conservative
Mike Penning Mike Penning MP 2015.jpg 15 July 2014 16 July 2016 Conservative
Brandon Lewis Brandon Lewis Minister.jpg 16 July 2016 Conservative Theresa May


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