Minister for the Climate (Sweden)

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Minister for the Climate
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Isabella Lövin.jpg
Isabella Lövin

since 25 May 2016
Member ofThe Government
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Term lengthServes at the pleasure of the Prime Minister
Inaugural holderÅsa Romson

The Minister for the Climate (Swedish: Klimatministern) is a cabinet minister within the Swedish Government and appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden.

The minister is responsible for issues regarding the Climate. The current Minister for the Climate is Isabella Lövin, appointed on 25 May 2016. She concurrently serves as Minister for International Development Cooperation and Deputy Prime Minister (titular)

Lists of Ministers for the Climate[edit]

Name Term Political Party Other positions Prime Minister
  Åsa Romson 2014–2016 Green Party Minister for the Environment, Deputy Prime Minister (titular) Stefan Löfven
  Isabella Lövin 2016–present Green Party Minister for International Development Cooperation,
Deputy Prime Minister (titular)

Ministry history[edit]

The office of Minister for the Climate have been under several different ministries since its founding in 2014.

Ministry Term
Ministry of the Environment 2014–2016
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2016–present