Minister of Environment (Manitoba)

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The Minister of Environment is a former cabinet portfolio in Manitoba, Canada. In 1999 it was merged with the responsibilities of the Minister of Natural Resources to create a new Minister of Conservation portfolio.

From 1971 to 1979 responsibility for the environment was included in the remit of the Ministry of Mines, Resources and Environmental Management. It was then shifted to the Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs and Environment from 1979 to 1981.

When Howard Pawley's government took office in late 1981, it established cabinet responsibilities directly related to the environment. The minister responsible was initially designated as the "Minister responsible for Environmental Management, with administration of the Clean Environment Act and Workers Compensation Act, the Workplace Safety and Health Act, and the Communities Economic Development Fund Act". This was upgraded to a portfolio position in 1983, and the new minister was designated as the Minister of Environment, Workplace Safety and Health. A separate Ministry of Environment was created in 1989.

List of Ministers of Environment[edit]

  Name Party Took Office Left Office
  Jay Cowan
New Democratic Party November 30, 1981 November 4, 1983
  Gerald Lecuyer
New Democratic Party November 4, 1983 May 9, 1988
  Edward Connery
Progressive Conservative May 9, 1988 April 21, 1989
  Glen Cummings
Progressive Conservative April 21, 1989 January 6, 1997
  James McCrae
Progressive Conservative January 6, 1997 February 5, 1999
  Linda McIntosh
Progressive Conservative February 5, 1999 October 5, 1999