Minister of Housing and Urban Development

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Minister of Housing
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Megan Woods 2018 1.jpg
Megan Woods[1]

since 27 June 2019
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
StyleThe Honourable
Member of
Reports toPrime Minister of New Zealand
AppointerGovernor-General of New Zealand
Term lengthAt Her Majesty's pleasure
PrecursorMinister of Housing
Formation13 December 1938
First holderTim Armstrong

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development is a minister in the government of New Zealand with responsibility for the government's house-building programme. The position was established in 1938 as Minister in charge of Housing, and has most commonly been known as Minister of Housing. Other iterations have included the Minister of Building and Housing and the Minister of Social Housing

The present Minister is Megan Woods, a member of the Labour Party.[1]


The First Labour Government created the position of Minister in charge of Housing in 1938, to oversee the government's state housing agenda. Responsibility for housing was part of the Works portfolio for some years until the restoration of the Housing portfolio by the Second National Government in 1949.

Until the 1970s, the Housing portfolio was often held in conjunction with responsibility for the State Advances Corporation; the Corporation was dissolved and much of its responsibility transferred to the new Housing Corporation of New Zealand in 1974. In the 1990s, under the significant redistribution of responsibility that occurred following Jenny Shipley's appointment as Prime Minister, responsibility for housing issues was divided between three ministers: the Minister for Social Services, Work and Income; the Minister responsible for the Housing Corporation of New Zealand; and the Minister responsible for Housing New Zealand.[3] The Housing Corporation and Housing New Zealand merged into a single entity, Housing New Zealand Corporation, on 6 March 2002.[3]

A separate Minister for Building Issues (later Minister for Building and Construction) was established by the Fourth Labour Government as the Ministry of Housing was expanded to become the Department of Building and Housing. Under the Fifth National Government, the government's focus shifted from providing state houses to providing "social houses," which meant that income-related rent subsidies could be paid to non-governmental community housing providers.[4] While this Government had once combined social housing and building regulation responsibility in a combined "Building and Housing" portfolio, this was disestablished in December 2016 and divided between the Minister for Social Housing and the Minister for Building and Construction.[5]

Following the 2017 election, the Labour-New Zealand First-Green coalition government revamped the portfolio as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development. Phil Twyford was appointed as Housing Minister.[6] On 1 October 2018, Housing Minister Twyford launched a new government department called the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to advise the Government on housing and urban development issues.[7][8]

List of Ministers[edit]


  Labour   National

No. Name Portrait Term of Office Prime Minister
As Minister in charge of Housing
1 Tim Armstrong Tim Armstrong 1935.jpg 13 December 1938 8 November 1942† Savage
As Minister in charge of Housing Construction
2 Bob Semple Bob Semple, 1935.jpg 9 December 1942 December 1945 Fraser
1945–1949: See Minister of Works
3 William Goosman William Goosman.jpg 13 December 1949 9 September 1953 Holland
As Minister of Housing
4 Bill Sullivan Bill Sullivan.jpg 9 September 1953 13 February 1957 Holland
5 Dean Eyre No image.png 13 February 1957 26 September 1957
6 John Rae John Rae, 1964.jpg 26 September 1957 12 December 1957
7 Bill Fox Bill Fox.tif 12 December 1957 12 December 1960 Nash
(6) John Rae John Rae, 1964.jpg 12 December 1960 9 February 1972 Holyoake
8 Eric Holland No image.png 9 February 1972 8 December 1972
9 Bill Fraser Bill Fraser, 1953.jpg 8 December 1972 10 September 1974 Kirk
10 Roger Douglas Roger Douglas, 1965.jpg 10 September 1974 12 December 1975
11 George Gair George Gair.jpg 12 December 1975 8 March 1977 Muldoon
(8) Eric Holland No image.png 8 March 1977 13 December 1978
12 Derek Quigley Derek Quigley.png 13 December 1978 15 June 1982
13 Tony Friedlander No image.png 15 June 1982 26 July 1984
14 Phil Goff Phil Goff.jpg 26 July 1984 24 August 1987 Lange
15 Helen Clark Helen Clark 2.jpg 24 August 1987 14 August 1989
16 Jonathan Hunt Jonathan Hunt.jpg 14 August 1989 2 November 1990
17 John Luxton John Luxton (cropped).jpg 2 November 1990 29 November 1993 Bolger
18 Murray McCully Murray McCully November 2016.jpg 29 November 1993 31 August 1998
1998–1999: See Minister for Social Services, Work and Income; Minister responsible for
Housing New Zealand
; Minister responsible for the Housing Corporation of New Zealand
19 Mark Gosche Mark Gosche.jpg 10 December 1999 12 May 2003 Clark
20 Steve Maharey Steve Maharey, 2008.jpg 12 May 2003 (acting)
19 May 2003
19 October 2005
21 Chis Carter Chris Carter, 2008.jpg 19 October 2005 5 November 2007
22 Maryan Street Maryan Street, 2012.jpg 5 November 2007 19 November 2008
23 Phil Heatley Phil Heatley (cropped).jpg 19 November 2008 22 January 2013 Key
24 Nick Smith Nick Smith (cropped).jpg 22 January 2013 8 October 2014
As Minister for Building and Housing
(24) Nick Smith Nick Smith (cropped).jpg 8 October 2014 20 December 2016a Key
As Minister for Social Housing
25 Paula Bennett Paula Bennett Official.png 8 October 2014 20 December 2016a Key
26 Amy Adams Amy Adams politician.jpg 20 December 2016 26 October 2017
As Minister of Housing and Urban Development
27 Phil Twyford Phil Twyford crop.jpg 26 October 2017 27 June 2019 Ardern
As Minister of Housing
28 Megan Woods Megan Woods 2018 1.jpg 27 June 2019 present Ardern


a. ^ ^ The Ministers for Building and Housing and Social Housing existed simultaneously during the period 8 October 2014 – 20 December 2016.


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