Minister of Human Resources Development (Canada)

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The Minister of Human Resources Development (replaced the "Minister of Employment and Immigration" on July 12, 1996) is the Minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet who is responsible for overseeing the federal government's human resources department, Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). The Minister of Human Resources in Canada is named Diane Finely.


1. Doug Young July 12, 1996 – October 3, 1996 under Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
2. Pierre Pettigrew October 4, 1996 – August 2, 1999
3. Jane Stewart August 3, 1999 – December 11, 2003

Prior to 1996, the post was known as Minister of Employment and Immigration. In 2003, the portfolio was divided to create the posts of Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and Minister of Social Development.