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Minister of Overseas Territories of the French Republic
Ministre des Outre-mer
Portrait d'Annick Girardin.jpg
Annick Girardin

since 17 May 2017
Minister of Overseas Territories
Member ofCabinet
Reports toPresident of the Republic
Prime Minister
SeatHôtel de Montmorin, Paris 7e, France
NominatorPrime Minister
AppointerPresident of the Republic
Term lengthNo fixed term
Formation20 March 1894
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The following is a list of ministers of Overseas France. The Ministère des Outre-mer [fr] ("Ministry of Overseas France") is a ministry in the Government of France, responsible for overseeing the Overseas departments and territories of France (such as the départements d'outre-mer and collectivités d'outre-mer). It was separated from the Ministry of the Navy in January 1893, and by a decree of 26 January 1946 its name was changed from the Ministry of the Colonies (ministère des Colonies) to the current Ministry of Overseas France (ministère de la France d'Outre-mer).

The minister position is currently held by Annick Girardin.

Minister of the Colonies (1894 to 1946)[edit]

Entrance of the Ministry of Overseas France at Rue Oudinot in Paris
Entrance of the Ministry of Overseas France
The Courtyard of the Ministry of Overseas France
The park of the Ministry of Overseas France

Minister of Overseas France (1946 to present)[edit]

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