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The Minister of State for Europe is an informal name for a position in the Government of the United Kingdom, in charge of affairs with the European Union.

The office is generally, formally one of a number of Ministers of State within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Despite being a junior ministerial role, the position has sometimes conferred the right to attend meetings of the Cabinet, which is occasionally granted to other such Ministers at the Prime Minister's discretion. This first occurred when Denis MacShane was replaced by Douglas Alexander after the 2005 general election, although Alexander's successor ceased to have this right. The Minister of State is also responsible for the British Overseas Territories of Gibraltar and Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus.

When Chris Bryant MP held the office it was not as a Minister of State but a more junior Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State.[1]

In July 2016, following the EU membership referendum, David Davis (previously Europe Minister 1994–1997) was appointed Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, a new cabinet post heading its own department. The current minister is assigned to this new department, rather than under the FCO and its new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.

List of Ministers for Europe[edit]

Name Portrait Term of office Political party P.M. F.Sec.
Douglas Hurd Lord Hurd (cropped).jpg 4 May 1979 9 June 1983 Conservative Thatcher Carrington
Malcolm Rifkind Malcolm Rifkind.jpg 9 June 1983 11 January 1986 Conservative Howe
Lynda Chalker No image.svg 11 January 1986 24 July 1989 Conservative
Francis Maude Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office.jpg 25 July 1989 28 November 1990 Conservative Major
Tristan Garel-Jones Presidente Abugattás recibió a Parlamentario Británico (cropped).jpg 28 November 1990 27 May 1993 Conservative Major
David Heathcoat-Amory David Heathcoat-Amery.JPG 27 May 1993 20 July 1994 Conservative
David Davis David Davis 2016.jpg 20 July 1994 May 1997 Conservative
Doug Henderson No image.svg 5 May 1997 28 July 1998 Labour Blair Cook
Joyce Quin No image.svg 28 July 1998 28 July 1999 Labour
Geoff Hoon Geoff Hoon Headshot.jpg 28 July 1999 11 October 1999 Labour
Keith Vaz Keith Vaz, 2016 Labour Party Conference.jpg 11 October 1999 11 June 2001 Labour
Peter Hain Peter Hain.png 11 June 2001 24 October 2002 Labour Straw
Denis MacShane DenisMacShane.jpg 28 October 2002 11 May 2005 Labour
Douglas Alexander Douglas Alexander at the India Economic Summit 2008.jpg 11 May 2005 8 May 2006 Labour
Geoff Hoon Geoff Hoon Headshot.jpg 8 May 2006 27 June 2007 Labour Beckett
Jim Murphy Jmurphy g.jpg 28 June 2007 3 October 2008 Labour Brown Miliband
Caroline Flint Caroline Flint 2.jpg 3 October 2008 5 June 2009 Labour
Gelnys Kinnock Baroness Kinnock.jpg 5 June 2009 13 October 2009 Labour
Chris Bryant
Undersecretary of State for Europe and Asia
Chris Bryant.jpg 13 October 2009 12 May 2010 Labour
David Lidington Daivid Lidington Official.jpg 12 May 2010 14 July 2016 Conservative Cameron Hague
David Jones David Jones (cropped).jpg 17 July 2016 12 June 2017 Conservative May Brexit.Sec.
Joyce Anelay Joyce Anelay February 2017.jpg 12 June 2017 27 October 2017 Conservative


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