Ministry of the Interior (Estonia)

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Ministry of the Interior
8 sisemin 3lovi eng pms.svg
Agency overview
Formed24 February 1918
JurisdictionGovernment of Estonia
HeadquartersPikk 61 Tallinn, Estonia
Ministers responsible
Child agencies
The Ministry of Internal Affairs building in the old town of Tallinn.

The Ministry of the Interior of Estonia (Estonian: Eesti Siseministeerium) is a Ministry in the Estonian Government. The current Minister of the Interior is Mart Helme.

In 2018, Estonia’s ministry of interior planned to introduce the world’s first digital nomad visa in accordance to celebrating its 100 years of independence.[1] The purpose of this visa is to allow non-Estonians access to Estonian services from abroad. This is an addition to groundbreaking initiatives like e-residency[2] and border-less banking which has listed the country as one of the most digitally advanced nations of the decade.[3]

List of Ministers[edit]

List of ministers of Internal Affairs since 1990:[4]


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