Minister responsible for La Francophonie (Canada)

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Minister responsible for
La Francophonie
Government of Canada signature.svg
Marie-Claude Bibeau

since 4 November 2015
Department of Global Affairs
Style The Honourable
Member of
Appointer Governor General of Canada
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Jean-Luc Pépin
Formation 1983

The Minister responsible for La Francophonie is a member of the Canadian Cabinet who handles relations with the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, an international community of francophone nations considered the French equivalent of the Commonwealth of Nations.


The Minister responsible for the Francophonie is one of three ministers currently associated with the Department of Global Affairs. A similar position exists at the provincial level in the government of Quebec.

It is traditional that the minister be from Quebec or from a Francophone community outside Quebec. It is tacitly understood that the minister should speak French fluently.

List of ministers[edit]

(*)Secretary of State responsible for La Francophonie and not a member of Cabinet.