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Ministry Watch
Formation 2000
Legal status Non-profit
Howard "Rusty" Leonard

Ministry Watch is an independent evangelical Christian organization whose purpose is to review Protestant ministries for financial accountability and transparency, and to provide independent advice to Protestants considering making donations to them.[1][2] As an adjudicator it also gives a critical assessment of the ministry.


Ministry Watch seeks information from ministries about their financial expenditures, either from publicly available reports, or through direct requests, without which donors cannot make open decisions about what they are exactly supporting. Ministries that refuse to provide such information often obstruct prudent donors. In addition, ministries are seen by many as teachers and set standards, with open, audited financial statements being the norm.

It also publishes a bulletin of "shining light ministries" which includes a list of the top thirty exemplary ministries, and a bulletin of "donor alerts" concerning potential frauds and pitfalls for donors. It was started by Howard "Rusty" Leonard. Leonard and Ministry Watch was featured as a watchdog on ABC News 20/20 in 2007 about various groups' usage of donors' money.


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