Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation (Ontario)

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Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
Ministère des Relations avec les Autochtones et de la Réconciliation  (French)
Government ministry overview
Formed 2007
Preceding Government ministry
Jurisdiction Government of Ontario
Headquarters 4th Floor, 160 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Employees 150
Annual budget $ 71 million (2011-12 fiscal year)[1]
Minister responsible
  • David Zimmer, Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

The Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation is the Government of Ontario ministry responsible for issues relating to First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Ontario. The current Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation is David Zimmer who sits in the Executive Council of Ontario or cabinet.


In June 2007, the Ontario Secretariat of Aboriginal Affairs was replaced with the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs. In June 2016, the ministry was renamed the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. The mandate of the ministry is to: promote collaboration and coordination across ministries on Aboriginal policy and programs; set priorities for and track the progress of Ontario's Aboriginal agenda; enhance government's awareness of Aboriginal people, issues and best practices for consulting and engaging with Aboriginal people; work with the federal government to find ways to make the most of federal funding; help Aboriginal people to access Ontario government programs, services and information; reform the land claims process to help address historical grievances; and encourage diversity, especially representation of Aboriginal people, in the Ontario Public Service.

The ministry has four key priorities: Stronger Indigenous Relationships; Improved Social Conditions; Economic Opportunity and Sustainability; and Enhanced Land Claim Settlements and Reconciliation.


  • Minister's Office
  • Deputy Minister's Office
  • Negotiations and Reconciliation Division
  • Aboriginal Relations and Ministry Partnerships Division
  • Strategic Policy and Planning Division
  • Legal Services Branch
  • Communications Branch
  • Corporate Management Division

2011-2012 Results-based Plan

List of Ministers[edit]

Minister Responsible for Native Affairs

Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs

  • David Ramsay, June 29, 2005 — June 21, 2007 (while Minister of Natural Resources)

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

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