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Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación
Logotipo del Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación.svg
000410 - Madrid (2863711896).jpg
Palacio de Fomento, Ministry headquarters
Agency overview
Formed31 March 1900; 121 years ago (1900-03-31) (as Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce and Public Works)
JurisdictionGovernment of Spain
HeadquartersPalacio de Fomento
Madrid, Spain
40°27′21″N 3°41′27″W / 40.45587°N 3.69077°W / 40.45587; -3.69077Coordinates: 40°27′21″N 3°41′27″W / 40.45587°N 3.69077°W / 40.45587; -3.69077
Employees8,071 (2018)[1]
Annual budget 8.9 billion, 2021[2]
Minister responsible
Agency executives
  • Fernando Miranda, Secretary General for Agriculture and Food
  • Alicia Villauriz, Secretary General for Fisheries
  • María Dolores Ocaña, Under Secretary
Child agency

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Spanish: Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, MAPA), is the department of the Government of Spain responsible for proposing and carrying out the government policy on agricultural, livestock and fishery resources, food industry, rural development and human food. The Ministry is responsible for assigning Veterinary Surgeons to carry out checks in regard to the issuing of REGA Licences (Registro de Explotación) a requirement for the ownership of horses on Spanish property and small holdings.

Specifically, it corresponds to the MAPA the preparation of State legislation on agriculture, fisheries and food; the proposal and carrying out of the general guidelines of the Government on agricultural, fisheries and food policies; the representation of Spain in the international organizations corresponding to these matters; as well as the coordination of actions, cooperation and agreement in the design and application of all policies that affect the scope of competences of the autonomous communities and the other public administrations, encouraging their participation through the cooperation bodies and instruments adequate.[3]

Unlike most ministries, this one has not any Secretariat of State and it works through three bodies with the rank of Undersecretariat: the General Secretariat for Agriculture and Food, the General Secretariat for Fisheries and the Undersecretariat of the Ministry. The head of the Department is the Minister of Agriculture, currently Mr. Luis Planas.


Early period[edit]

Luis Pidal y Mon, first Minister of Agriculture.

From the beginning of the 19th century, it is worth mentioning that under the reign of Ferdinand VII, the work of promoting agriculture were carried out by the Ministry of Finance or the field of livestock, under the authority of the Council of the Mesta.[4]

The Royal Decree of 9 November 1832 created the Secretariat of State and the Dispatch of General Development of the Realm and which had among its responsibilities the promotion of agriculture, nurseries and breeding cattle, gardening and conservation of mountains and trees or hunting and fishing. For this, it was made dependent on the Ministry the Department for Forestry Conservation and the Honorable Council of the Mesta.[5]

The agriculture responsibilities remained in the Ministry of Development for nearly one hundred years. In 1870 there was already a Directorate-General for Public Works and Agriculture.[6]

Finally, in 1900, after the split of Education, the Development Ministry was suppressed and the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry, Commerce and Public Works was created to assume the rest of the responsibilities.[7] However, five years later the Ministry of Agriculture is suppressed and the Ministry of Development recovered.[8]

With the approval of Royal Decree of 3 November 1928, the Ministry of National Economy was created, to which the Directorate-General for Agriculture was transferred along with the agricultural chambers, the agronomic council and the association of Cattle Ranchers and the services of Hygiene and Livestock Health.[citation needed]

Late period[edit]

By Decree of 16 December 1931,[9] the President of the Republic Niceto Alcalá Zamora re-created the Ministry, incorporating the Directorate-General for Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, from the Ministry of National Economy, and the Directorate-General for Mines and Fuels, the Directorate-General for Forestry, Fishing and Hunting and the Directorate-General for Livestock, from the Ministry of Development.[10]

As happened with the Ministry of Development, in 1933 the Ministry was divided into two: the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.[11] It was the first time that there was a Ministry dedicated exclusively to managing the agricultural affairs. The separation became final, except in the period from 25 September 1935 to 19 February 1936, when it assumed again the responsibilities of industry and trade.

The next big change would be made in 1981, when the ministry assumed the competencies on fisheries and was called Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food until 2008 when prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero merged it with the Environment Ministry and was renamed Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

The new government of Mariano Rajoy renamed the department in 2011 as Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and since 2016 as Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. In 2018, new prime minister Pedro Sánchez created again the Ministry of Environment and this ministry recovered the 1981-2008 denomination. In 2020, the ministry lost its powers on forestry.


Luis Planas, current Agriculture Minister

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is organised in the following superior bodies:[12]

  • The General Secretariat for Agriculture and Food
    • The Directorate-General for Agricultural Production and Markets
    • The Directorate-General for Health of Agricultural Production
    • The Directorate-General for Rural Development, Innovation and Agrifood Training
    • The Directorate-General for the Food Industry
    • The Deputy Directorate-General for Support and Coordination
    • The Deputy Directorate-General for Agricultural Policy Planning
  • The General Secretariat for Fisheries
    • The Directorate-General for Sustainable Fisheries
    • The Directorate-General for Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
    • The Deputy Directorate-General for Management
    • The Deputy Directorate-General for Legal Affairs and International Fisheries Governance
  • The Undersecretariat of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
    • The Technical General Secretariat
    • The Directorate-General for Services and Inspection
    • The Deputy Directorate-General for Analysis, Coordination and Statistics
    • The Deputy Directorate-General for International Relations and European Union Affairs.

In addition, the department has four autonomous agencies:

List of Ministers of Agriculture[edit]

This are the ministers since 1931, to see the Ministers between 1900 and 1905 see Ministry of Development (Spain)#List of Ministers.

Ministers of Agriculture
Second Spanish Republic (1931–1939)
Beginning End Name Party
16 December 1931 12 June 1933 Marcelino Domingo (2) PRS
12 June 1933 19 September 1933 Marcelino Domingo (1) PRS
19 September 1933 8 October 1933 Ramón Feced Gresa (1) PRS
8 October 1933 4 October 1934 Cirilo del Río Rodríguez (1) PRP
4 October 1934 3 April 1935 Manuel Giménez Fernández (1) CEDA
3 April 1935 6 May 1935 Juan José Benayas (1) PRP
6 May 1935 25 September 1935 Nicasio Velayos Velayos (1) PA
25 September 1935 29 October 1935 José Martínez de Velasco (3) PA
29 October 1935 14 December 1935 Juan Usabiaga Lasquivar (3) PRR
14 December 1935 30 December 1935 Joaquín de Pablo-Blanco Torres (3) PRR
30 December 1935 19 February 1936 José María Álvarez Mendizábal (3) Independent
19 February 1936 19 July 1936 Mariano Ruiz-Funes García (1) IR
19 July 1936 19 July 1936 Ramón Feced Gresa (1) IR
19 July 1936 4 September 1936 Mariano Ruiz-Funes García (1) IR
4 September 1936 1 April 1939 Vicente Uribe (1) PCE
Dictatorship of Francisco Franco (1936–1975)
Beginning End Name Party
3 October 1936 30 January 1938 Eufemio Olmedo (4)
30 January 1938 9 August 1939 Raimundo Fernández-Cuesta (1)
9 August 1939 20 May 1941 Joaquín Benjumea Burín (5)
20 May 1941 18 July 1945 Miguel Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia (1)
18 July 1945 18 July 1951 Carlos Rein Segura (1)
18 July 1951 25 February 1957 Rafael Cavestany de Anduaga (1)
25 February 1957 7 July 1965 Cirilo Cánovas García (1)
7 July 1965 29 October 1969 Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona Moreno (1)
29 October 1969 12 December 1975 Tomás Allende y García-Baxter (1)
Reign of Juan Carlos I (1975-2014)
Beginning End Name Party
12 December 1975 5 July 1976 Virgilio Oñate Gil (1)
5 July 1976 4 July 1977 Fernando Abril Martorell (1)
4 July 1977 28 February 1978 José Enrique Martínez Genique (1) UCD
28 February 1978 2 December 1981 Jaime Lamo de Espinosa (1) UCD
2 December 1981 13 September 1982 José Luis Álvarez Álvarez (6) UCD
13 September 1982 2 December 1982 José Luis García Ferrero UCD
3 December 1982 12 March 1991 Carlos Romero Herrera (6) PSOE
12 March 1991 13 July 1993 Pedro Solbes Mira (6) PSOE
13 July 1993 6 May 1994 Vicente Albero Silla (6) PSOE
6 May 1994 5 May 1996 Luis María Atienza Serna (6) PSOE
6 May 1996 30 April 1999 Loyola de Palacio (6) PP
30 April 1999 27 April 2000 Jesús Posada Moreno (6) PP
28 April 2000 17 April 2004 Miguel Arias Cañete (6) PP
18 April 2004 13 April 2008 Elena Espinosa Mangana (6) PSOE
14 April 2008 20 October 2010 Elena Espinosa Mangana (7) PSOE
20 October 2010 22 December 2011 Rosa Aguilar (7) PSOE (independent)
22 December 2011 28 April 2014 Miguel Arias Cañete (8) PP
28 April 2014 4 November 2016 Isabel García Tejerina (8) PP
Reign of Felipe VI (2014)
Beginning End Name Party
4 November 2016 1 June 2018 Isabel García Tejerina (9) PP
7 June 2018 Incumbent Luis Planas (9) PSOE
  • (1) Ministry of Agriculture
  • (2) Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce.
  • (3) Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture.
  • (4) Ministry of Agriculture and Agro Labour
  • (5) Ministry of Agriculture and Labour
  • (6) Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • (7) Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs
  • (8) Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • (9) Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment


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