Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Vietnam)

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Ministry of Agriculture
and Rural Development
Bộ Nông nghiệp và Phát triển Nông thôn
Ministry overview
Formed 1995
Jurisdiction  Vietnam
Headquarters Ha Noi
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD, Vietnamese: Bộ Nông nghiệp và Phát triển Nông thôn) is a government ministry responsible for rural development and the governance, promotion and nurturing of agriculture and the agriculture industry, in Vietnam. The purview of the Ministry includes forestry, aquaculture, irrigation and the salt industry; it is also involved in water management and flood control.[1]

The Ministry maintains 63 provincial department offices throughout Vietnam. The Ministry itself is located in Hanoi.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has been developed since 1987 by the combination of different government ministries: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Food, combined to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry in 1987; the subsequent addition of the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Irrigation to form today's Ministry; as well as the addition of the Ministry of Fisheries in 2007. The Ministry was officially formed in 1995.[2]


The Ministry is organised into many work areas:[2]

Organisations in charge of state management[edit]

  • Planning Department
  • Finance Department
  • Science, Technology and Environment Department
  • International Cooperation Department
  • Legislation Department
  • Personal and Organisation Department
  • Ministerial Inspection
  • MARD Office
  • Department of Cultivation
  • Plant Protection Department
  • Department of Husbandry
  • Veterinary/Animal Health Department
  • Agro-forestry Processing and Salt Industry Department
  • Forest Protection Department
  • Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST)
  • Aqua Exploiting and Protection Department
  • Department of Aquaculture
  • Water Resource Department
  • Dyke Management and Flood Control Department
  • Works/Construction Department
  • Cooperatives and Rural Development Department
  • National Agro-aqua-forestry Quality Assurance Department
  • Vietnam Directorate of Fisheries


  • Information Technology and Statistics Centre
  • Centre for Clean Water and Sanitation
  • National Agriculture Extension Centre
  • Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper
  • Agriculture and Rural Development Magazine

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