Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare

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Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare
وزارت تعاون، کار و رفاه اجتماعی ایران
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Agency overview
Formed3 August 2011
Preceding agencies
JurisdictionIslamic Republic of Iran
Agency executive
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The Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare (Persian: وزارت تعاون، کار و رفاه اجتماعی ایران‎) is an Iranian government body responsible for the oversight of Cooperative business, regulation and implementation of policies applicable to labour and social affairs and oversight of Social security in Iran that formed on 3 August 2011.[1]

The government body was formed in 2011 by merging the Ministry of Cooperatives, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Social Welfare.

In the country, the activities of this institution are focused on the regulation of labor relations ,safeguarding of the workforce and the creation of a platform for job creation.[2] One of the other issues of this ministry is entrepreneurship.[3] For this reason, the regular organizing of the country's top entrepreneurs festival will be held annually by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and Social Welfare, and prizes will be donated to the winners of The National Festival of Entrepreneurs in Iran.[4]

Notable people[edit]

Former and first Minister of Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Reza Sheykoleslam was a governor of Hormozgan Province .[5]

The last minister of Ministry of Cooperatives before its merger with Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Social Welfare Mohammad Abbasi is the most successful minister of sports with 4 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Cooperatives Bahman Salehi currently manages the renewable energy corporation SUNIR.[6]

Former General Director of Planning of Ministry of Cooperatives Alireza Nasiri is the founder of online degree programs in Iran and involved in commercial forestation in Iran.[7]

Former Minister of Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Asadollah Abbasi is a parliamentary representative for Rudsar.[8]

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