Ministry of Culture (Pakistan)

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Ministry of Culture
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Ministries of the Government of Pakistan
Agency overview
Type Ministry responsible for promotion of culture, art, musics, film, and theatre.
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Integration, Urdu: وزارث ثقافت; reporting name: MoCul, is a Cabinet-level ministry of Government of Pakistan, charged with the promotion of culture (architecture, cinema (films), dance, folklore, literature (Mushaira), music, philosophy, textiles and theatre), implementing and enforcing the cultural policies and activities in the country. The ministry is devolved into provincial governments of Pakistan, but its federal activities are currently managed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Integration which is currently headquartered in Cabinet Secretariat, Islamabad Capital Venue. Its executive and political figure is the Culture Minister, who is a public appointed official and must be required to be a member of Parliament of Pakistan. The ministry coordinates its activities through its designated departments and also at the university levels.


The Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Integration coordinates departments that are listed below:

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