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Ministry of Culture
Agency overview
Formed 2007 (2007)[1]
Employees about 85
Minister responsible
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The Ministry of Culture (Swedish: Kulturdepartementet) is a ministry within the government of Sweden responsible for culture policy. The ministry is headed by the Minister for Culture, currently Alice Bah Kuhnke (mp).

The Ministry of Culture is located at Drottninggatan 16 in central Stockholm.

Government agencies[edit]

The Ministry of Culture is principal[clarification needed] for the following government agencies:

General cultural activities[edit]

Language, literature, libraries and archives[edit]

Visual arts, design and applied arts[edit]

Film, artists and heritage[edit]


Museums and exhibitions[edit]

Theatre, dance och music[edit]

Religious communities[edit]

Areas of responsibility[edit]

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for issues relating to culture, media, democracy, human rights at national level, the national minorities and the language and culture of the Sami people. The Ministry is also responsible for anti-discrimination work and issues concerning civil society, faith communities and burial and cremation services.


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