Ministry of Defence (Albania)

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Ministry of Defence
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Department overview
Formed 4 December 1912
(as Ministry of War)
Superseding agency
  • 1939-1944
Jurisdiction Albania
Headquarters Tirana
Minister responsible
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The Ministry of Defence (Albanian: Ministria e Mbrojtjes) is part of the Albanian government responsible for implementation of government defence policy and is the headquarters of the Albanian Armed Forces. The current minister is Mimi Kodheli of the Socialist Party of Albania.

Subordinate Agencies and Offices[edit]

The Ministry of Defence includes numerous smaller agencies aside from the three main branches of the military. These include the Authority of the State Export Control, the Military Export Import Company, the Center of Culture, Media, and Defence Publications, the Inter-Institutional Maritime Operation Center, and the Defence Intelligence Security Agency. These agencies, centers, and offices report to the Minister of Defence.[1]

Ministry building

Authority of the State Export Control[edit]

The Authority of the State Export Control (AKSHE) (Albanian: Autoriteti i Kontrollit Shtetëror të Eksporteve) is the agency tasked with controlling the export, import, and transportation of military goods.[1]

Military Export Import Company[edit]

The Military Export Import Company (MEICO) is an agency tasked with carrying out activities related to importing and exporting military goods to meet the needs of the Albanian Armed Forces.[1]

Center of Culture, Media, and Defence Publications[edit]

The Center of Culture, Media, and Defence Publications (QKMBM) (Albanian: Qendra e Kulturës, Medias, Botimeve të Mbrojtjes, Muzeut dhe Shtëpive të Pushimit) is an organization involved in public relations and general communications for the Ministry of Defence. It is itself composed of the Directorate of Public Relations and Communications, the Directorate of Publications, the Directorate of the Community Relations Activities, and the Directorate of Sports Activities.[2]

Inter-Institutional Maritime Operation Center[edit]

The Inter-Institutional Maritime Operation Center (IMOC) (Albanian: Qendra Ndërinstitucionale Operacionale Detare) is an inter-ministry agecy tasked with managing Albania's maritime territory. It is a collaboration between the Ministries of Defence, Internal Affairs, Finance, Environment, Transportation, Agriculture, and Tourism.[3]

Defence Intelligence Security Agency[edit]

The Defence Intelligence Security Agency (DISA) (Albanian: Agjencia e Inteligjencës dhe Sigurisë së Mbrojtjes (AISM)) is a military intelligence agency within the Ministry of Defence, which provides intelligence to the Ministry as well as the Albanian Armed Forces. It is governed by Law No. 65/2014.[4]

List of ministers[edit]

Socialist People's Republic of Albania (1944–1991)[edit]

Republic of Albania (1991–Present)[edit]

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